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This initiative culminated in the creation of visually stunning light shows for Shreveport, Louisiana's recently re-lit Bakowski Bridge of Lights, in which the students were able to express themselves through the medium of light.
The Inaugural program wrapped up in the spring of 2022, but Jason now serves as the Artistic Director of the bridge, working with the Shreveport Regional Arts Council, the City of Shreveport and the Certified Student Designers to curate and schedule events through the year, while continuing on new projects as Designer and Creative Director.

Jason is presently devoted to fostering exceptional collaborations and pursuing artistic endeavors that captivate, stimulate, and encourage individuals to engage in introspection.

Current & Pending Projects:

Lighting Designer - The Little Mermaid
                             Director: John Tartaglia
                             Choreographer: Patrick O'Neill
                             The Muny
Lighting Designer - Les Miserables
                             Director: Seth Sklar-Heyn
                             Choreographer: Jesse Robb
                             The Muny
Lighting Designer - Hair
                             Director: Matthew Gardiner
                             Choreographer: Ashleigh King
                             Signature Theatre
Artistic Director - Bakowski Bridge of Lights
                            Shreveport, Louisiana
Lighting Designer - Hey Mr. DJ
                            -  A Class Act
                            -  Song & Dance
                            -  All That!
                             - Cantaré on Holland America Line
                                        - All In
                                        - Timeless
                                        - Stage & Screen
                            - Step One Dance Company
                                        - Move
                            - Perfect 4th
                                        - Sing
                                        - Two
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